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Partner Overview

Makeitdeals has a repository of Partners (Technology Solution Providers) that have been pre-validated by Makeitdeals’ analysts and is organized by Industry and sub-industry (E.g. Clinical Trials within the Pharmaceutical Industry). In addition to providing a consolidated list of Partners for an Industry at one place, the marketplace builds a knowledge base by drilling down on the level of speciality solution providers. For example, the Marketplace allows the registered user to look for not only technology solution providers for “Clinical Trials” but also for Solution providers for “Clinical Trials for Cancer” or even “Clinical Trials for Skin Cancer”, and thereby creating a highly specialized list of specialty Partners and a knowledge base of their solutions.

The marketplace also allows the Partners to collaborate between themselves to put together a comprehensive solution to the complex problems faced by the Clients in their respective industry.

Registered Users can:

  • Search for Partners
  • Search for specific Solutions provided by Partners
  • Collaborate with other Partners
  • Monitor activities specific to an “Opportunity” being responded to by the Partners

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