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1. How to register as a partner?

Go to https://makeitdeals.com/user/register. And choose account type as Partner.

2. How a partner can login?

Using username or email address and password,a partner can login.

3. Which are the details are available in the profile tab?

All professional, product and services and all basic details 

4. Who can search partners?

Clients can search partners on https://makeitdeals.com/search/partners

5. Who can search clients?

Partners can search clients on https://makeitdeals.com/search/clients

6. Who can post a blog?

Clients and partners.

7. Is there any categorization for blogs?


8. Which are the different categorization for blogs?

◦ Cloud Storage Providers

◦ Data Integration Tools

◦ Data Virtualization Tools

◦ Debugging Tools

◦ IT Service Management Software

◦ Rack Servers

◦ State Drives

9. How to post a new blog?

Go to My Blogs tab in profile page.Click on ADD BLOG button.

10. Which are the different search criterias for client search?

◦ Industry

◦ Country

◦ Technology

◦ Name 

11. Which are the different search criterias for partner search?

◦ 1. Industry ◦

2. Hardware ◦

3. country ◦

4. Name

12. Where to list all opportunities created by a user?

In My Opportunities tab of profile section

13. How to bid an opportunity?

Using submit proposal button in the opportunity details page.And also opportunity search page there is a link for submit proposal.

14. Which users can submit proposal?

Only partners can submit proposal for an opportunity.

15. Who can award an opportunity?

Client/Partner who created an opportunity.

16. Who can shortlist a proposal?

Client/Partner who created an opportunity.

17. How to join a collaboration?

Based on visibility of user can join to a collaboration.

18. Can all users submit an opportunity?

Yes.All clients and all partners except partners with free subscription plan can submit an opportunity.

19. Is there any limitation for bid an opportunity based on subscription plans?

Yes.You can refer at http://makeitdeals.com/subscriptions.

20. What is a bulletin board?

This is a list which contain all the opportunities that are awarded by client and partner.http://makeitdeals.com/bulletin-board/Opportunity_BulletinBoard 

21. Which users can join to a collaboration?

Both clients and partners.

22. How to subscribe to a subscription plan?

A user with partner role can subscribe to any plan at http://makeitdeals.com/ subscriptions.User can click on Buy Now button

23. Who can create sub users?

Only partners can create sub users.

24. How to create a sub user?

Go to users tab and click on ADD USER button

25. From where we can see list of sub users created by a partner?

In users tab of partners profile section.

26. Should we receive any email after payment?

Yes.After successful payment will get email notification.

27. Which user actions sent message?

◦ Invite a partner for an opportunity ◦

When a partner submit a proposal

◦ When a proposal is shortlisted

◦ When an opportunity awarded

◦ When comment added to a proposal

◦ When invited for a collaboration

◦ When added to a collaboration

28. Can anonymous users can subscribe to newsletter?


29. How an anonymous user can subscribe to a news letter?

We can see the newsletter section in the footer section.Enter email id in the text box and click on subscribe button.You will get an email about newsletter confirmation.

30. How to subscribe to a new letter by an authenticated user?

They can just click on the subscribe button for newsletter subscription.

31. Where to list all collaborations created by a logged in user?

My Collaboration tab of user profile section.

32. Where to list all joined collaboration of a logged in user?

Joined Collaboration tab of profile section

33. Can client create subusers?


34. How to invite a user to join a collaboration?

In collaboration details page,there is a tab for invite users.The tab contain list of users with invite button.When clicked on the invite button,notification will be sent to the user to join collaboration.

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